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So, as you will all know but Irregular Choice recently launched the childrens range of shoes. This is not something completely new to IC, as in 2008 they had a small baby range under the name of babeez. Bring on 2017 and we see the IC kids collection launch, with an impressive selection for a new era of Irregular Choice.


Miniature versions of adult classics such as Misty Reins "mini reins" and also shoes adorning flamingoes and bunny ears are sure to fit into any little girls wardrobes perfectly! Or even the little boys that can see beyond the colour of a shoe.


Needless to say, there have been some teething issues with them being new, not all sizes are covered much to many peoples disappointment, and also there being a distinctive lack of definatly boy based shoes was another big complaint. All I can suggest on this area is to contact IC directly and pass on your feedback. I genuinely believe they take ideas onboard from customers, especially those with a passion of the brand.  

We started with 11 styles, from crabs to unicorns. At the minute we are down to 9 as both colours of "mini reins" sold out on the day :) We currently have sizes 30 - 34 so, if you are an adult in size 2! We could have some super cute shoes for you as well!! 

Layby is not something I was going to do on children's shoes, simply because of the lower than normal IC price, and through fear of children growing out of them before they are paid. I have given this some thought, after a few honest messages from ladies and I can say I am happy to do this, but just a split in half layby. So half deposit then half with 4 weeks only. This is only for ladies who need it, rather than those with a bit of a shoes addiction ;) To the ladies who have inboxed us asking, I hope this helps you out.

Lastly, we have been listing some of our shoes on ebay under the user name labyrinth_alternative. The reason for this is, so we can donate a % of the profit from the sale to charity. We posted on our facebook page asking for suggestions and we were given quite a few. We have a few listed on ebay including motor neurone disease and also help for heroes. 


Anyway, enough for me for the day.


Speak soon


Denise xxxx


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